122 emails, there must have been 1 good idea

This experiment has wrapped. It was partly a challenge to myself to write daily, efficiently and insightful posts. It was a challenge to offer one good idea that would lead to one good insight—ideally a change that was worth about 40 IQ points.

The style lives on at TheWaitersPad.com. Some recent posts include:

Thank you for welcoming this email. The open rates for this list were 2-3X the average. That, I think, says more about the curious people on the receiving end, than anything else. Forward into 2020, I’ll be doing more marketing, more consulting, and more research. I’m also looking for the right team to join-remotely.




I finally found the name for a thing I’d noticed.

For a long time, I was in a crowd, of ideas, not people.

I saw something, only a glimpse.

Without knowing what it was, or what to look for I didn’t know how to see it again.

Then, a succession, bam-bam-bam, I saw it and I heard its name.



small changes → large effects


BIG ideas this week: framing, jobs-to-be-done, latent needs, and local logic.

What’s great about this collection is the cost-benefit analysis. One small change can lead to huge returns.

'E' please


A few ideas from the letter ‘E’. Cue Sesame Street theme.

Designs and Understandings


Some of my favorite ideas around design, doing (or not), and understanding.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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