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What we’re looking at this week is going to be hard. Built off a podcast between Zach Lowe and David Epstein.

“I think what frustrates people about this whole (decision making) arena, there is no way to know, you can’t know.” Zach Lowe

"We have a name for this in academia, irreducible uncertainty and people don't like to acknowledge and accept irreducible uncertainty." Wharton Professor, Cade Massey

The Philadelphia basketball fans adopted a 'trust the process' mindset because of the 'frustration' and 'irreducible uncertainty' in the decision making process. One way to get better is to be rangy. How?

  • Read more fiction.

  • Avoid 'the next...' trailhead and find a harder path through the woods.

  • Argue fairly and vigorous, especially in outlier and winner-take-most competitions.

  • Embrace intellectual diversity and weird teams.

  • Create the right culture, from the top down.

  • Avoid the principal-agent problem and it's CYA cousin, Cover-Your-Ass.

  • Make the hidden salient and the salient measured, carefully.

Stay tuned for these stories and more.