❇️ ease


What is ease? It’s sending a message “in stride”.

It’s coaches to a player, copywriters to a reader, a legislator to a constituent. Whenever we want to persuade someone we should make it easy for them.

What’s common to these situations is the interactions.

Recently I finished Alexandra Watkin’s book, Hello My Name is Awesome. It’s a good, quick, fun book. Watkin’s big idea is to make names that offer ease to a consumer, specifically naming things that “have something people can latch onto.” It has to make sense.

Steve Jobs did this naming the first Mac computer, Mac Man. Wait, that’s a terrible name and never saw the light of day. But Jobs liked it.

Ken Segall was in the room at the time and tried to convince Jobs that iMac was a better name but Steve like ‘Mac Man’. Watkins wasn’t around at the time but in hindsight would probably note that Mac Man was a terrible name. It was gender-specific and sounded like Walkman, a portable device!

This week we’ll look at four ideas around making things easier. It doesn’t matter if we’re persuading spouses or marketing men’s mustaches razors, the goal is the same. Make it easy.