🚿 Shower solutions

We had a problem. The mold in our shower was entrenched. It was like some secret force of tiny invaders crept into our home unnoticed and encamped in the shower as a staging area for further invasion.

I tried every cleaner. With and without bleach. Sprays and powders. Scented and organic. I scrubbed with every pad, bristle, and rag known to man. I pasted so much baking soda and water that had I added vinegar our roof would have erupted like a rocket launch and there would be another ‘Florida Man’ story.

One day the internet served up the answer. It was perfect. The solving substance was gelatinous. It had bleach. It dispensed like icing on a cake to be icing on the cake. It was toilet bowl cleaner.

Someone very smart at Clorox realized that with good positioning, people will use a product without considering other alternatives for that solution or that product. Once upon a time people didn’t use toilet cleaner but once there was a product specifically for toilets, they did. Similarly, if people use toilet cleaner for the toilet they won’t use it for anything else.

We’ve never used anything but toilet bowl cleaner with its helpful angled design for cleaning our toilets and never have thought to use toilet bowl cleaner to clean our shower. Positioning both helps and hurts products, focus leads to one use.