🔴 Positioning

April Dunford wrote, Obviously Awesome but her UI Breakfast podcast appearance provides a good start.

Dunford’s wants organizations to position their product in a way that improve’s the product’s chances. In her book and the podcast, she talks about cake.

"The problem with 'cake on a stick' is that I'm still describing it as cake. That just sounds bad because my purchase criteria for cake is different. What wins in a cake contest? The cake-iest cake you can think of!"

If investing is positioned as returns then one type of business is more likely to succeed. If investing is positioned as counseling then another type will.

If you invent a red circle, it might solve a number of problems:

  • Red circle blue square problems.

  • Red circle green triangle problems.

  • Red circle yellow hexagon problems.

Dunford combines marketing, psychology, perceived value, and other factors to remind organizations of the relative nature of human thinking. We compare things based on availability. If my restaurant has live music every night then that becomes a comparison even if patrons don’t necessarily say they want that before I decide it.