Sweet Fits

Customers are always hiring for jobs to be done, sometimes that means a Cinnabon.

The story of these sweet snacks in airports, malls, and food carts is quite the turnaround, one focused on fit. It started around 2010. The company stagnated as national unemployment reached almost 10%. Needing to act they did.

With much research and testing the company came out with a new, lower calorie, artificially sweetened bun. Then CEO Kat Cole said, “There was all this research that sales went up with a lower-calorie alternative.” Makes sense.

It was also cheaper and could immediately be distributed to the 1,200 locations. There was just one problem, bad fit.

Cole explained, “That’s not our model. We are in infrequent venues, like malls or airports. Our products are designed for the once-in-a-while, blow-your-socks-off indulgence. This was a problem because an artificially sweetened roll wouldn’t be as yummy and it is still 599 calories.”

The job customers hired Cinnabon for was to reward them with great taste, calories be damned. If Cinnabon failed to fit that job, a competitor would.

One way to find find is to ask if the customers feels more like, get-it-over-with or make-it-last?’ Home repairs, taxes, and some shopping are all get-it-over-with activities. Those customers hire for efficiency. Other things, like Cinnabons are more make-it-last where the best fit is savory. That’s what Cole saw at Cinnabon, a delicious if infrequent treat.