Summer Ends

Summer ends on August 8th, the first day of school for my daughters. Then we see new constraints and find new ways to work during the school year. My kids will change their productivity from self-directed-highly-motivated projects (and watching YouTube) to school-directed-homework.

It’s a good opportunity. It’s a chance for them to prove to themselves they can work hard, learn new things, and sometimes even work the system.

My season of work will change too. I’ll finish the Kindle book and I’ll take these lessons of summer into the fall.

  1. Unconstrained environments (plenty of time, talent, and money) is the easiest place to set habits. In a way, the day-to-day is the medical lab to refine and test things.

  2. Numbers matter. To get started with habits that last throughout the year, we can’t lie to ourselves. So track things, with numbers.

  3. Things grow during a Season. That means the only Race anymore is the one from yesterday to today. How much ground can someone cover in 24-hours?

Summer was great but the season has ended. Like a chapter in a book it’s closed and set the stage for what’s next. The things we do though aren’t written, they’re up to us. It’s time to put down our magic wands, pick up our lessons, and get back to work.