Summer & Space Constraints

We spent a previous week learning lessons from space, the people who went, and the iceberg-like amount of work that it took. Missions beyond the earth’s atmosphere are helpful example because they’re full of constraints. But it’s not the only arena. 

When money is tight people face constraints. It’s these areas where people ‘stretch a dollar’ and ‘get creative’. If necessity is the mother of invention then constraints are the delivery room. This week we’ll look at another constraints, time. 

For our family, summer is winding down. My daughters have most of their school supplies. We have school orientations scheduled and a “Chromebook Meeting” booked. 

During a summer trip a friend and I remarked that we both read less in the summer. I also tend to write less, and listen to fewer podcasts. My ‘work’ times are replaced with ‘friends and family’ times. We had a blast visiting many people and places this summer and it was well worth trading some work for some play. Though the exchange created a constraint, less time where there used to be more. 

One book I skimmed through was The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. The gist of his system is on his blog but the book addressed one big and new to me one, purpose. If someone follows Carroll’s methods they can’t help but see if what they are doing is what they want to be doing. They can’t help but notice if their actions reflect their values - or something else. 

Constraints do this too. When the weather is nice outside, when friends text to hang out, when things are happening what kind of work fills the time for work you have? Is it the kind of work you want to be doing?