🎬 Scary Good Brand

Blum produces low budget horror movies and in Hollywood that's just not sexy. He's competing on something his competitors can't touch: ego.

"It's very hard for producers and executives in Hollywood to get out of their own way."

Whenever a business exploits something it's competitors can't, it has an advantage. Buffett likes moats, Bezos likes margins, and Blum like making scary movies.

It works because Blumhouse has different offerings to different groups. “We have two brands; our consumer facing brand is scary movies, our industry facing brand is to protect the artist.”

Producers, writers, or directors come in and they get to make what they want, within the budget of course.

In addition to few sets, speaking rolls, and shooting in Las Angeles, directors also can't use special effects but that constraints turn into an advantage.

Strip away what Blumhouse budgets forbid and what's left? Put in other words, what's the heart of it? It's character and story.

That's what Blum sells and it's what directors want to buy. No one enters movies to make explosions. People enter movies to experience stories.

This all works because Blum is clear (about the budget, perks, release options) and he stays out of the way. “I’m not an artist, I leave that to the directors.”

When someone buys a ticket for a Blumhouse movie they know what they're getting. When a director punches their Blumhouse ticket they know what they're getting too.