ERE, fit

Early Retirement is a great place to get different financial advice. It’s another perspective where many people say the same thing. Copying Jacob Fisker’s life is impossible and irrelevant as we have our own values, needs, and histories. Instead, we pick and choose what to learn, it’s like college only in real life. 

It’s not just ERE that we can look at to get financial advice. Billionaires hock advice. So do people on TV. Your neighbor will definitely offer advice too. Here’s the catch-they’re not wrong. 

In venture capital there’s this idea of product-market-founder fit. That the right thing is being created by the right person for the right people. The idea also manifests in the world of books and movies. When people say the movie wasn’t as good as the book is that the book fit better. 

For financial, or any advice, the goal is best practices so much as best fit. That’s what’s going to work, and sometimes a different point of view can provide a piece that fits better.