DC, selection

We all have useless skills. One of mine is catching houseflies. In the back of some magazine - where people looked for trivial ideas before the internet - was the advice I never knew I needed. To a catch a fly, aim two inches above and slightly behind them. Then swoop your hand in like a hawk picking a minnow out of a lake.

I’ve let this skill into my life. By reading I opened the door and by practice I gave it a seat at the table. The same thing happens for people. Those that we involve in our lives and give attention to become permanent residents.

Brent Beshore told Ted Seides, that adventur.es has succeeded becuase, “we all share in the vision of where we wanna go.” That allows for a decentralized command.

Autonomy, collective vision, and trust stem from having the right people. Beshore’s advice is to, "Be very selective of who you let on the team. Make the vision super clear, and then just give people the freedom to perform."

It’s not just about training but hiring well. Jason Alexander was one of dozens of actors who auditioned for Seinfeld. Snyder only hired ‘All American’ looking boys. Bezos cultivated a culture at Amazon that self-selects certain styles. If a business acts wisely they can follow the Warren Buffett advice to “hire well and manage little.”