🚘 The Goal of a Car

Comparing Astons to Oldsmobiles.

From Masters in Business

A car should be able to do what it's intended to do, and by that criteria you can have a great experience in a Mini Cooper that costs twenty or thirty thousand dollars and you can have a great experience in a Bentley Continental GT, one of my favorite cars from last year, a car that costs over two-hundred thousand dollars.

Hannah Elliott 

Elliott has this marvelous explanation for how she frames her reviews. In a job with a 10X difference in prices, more expensive cars, on the whole, will be better than its inexpensive peers.

But Elliott asks, does this car execute relative to its price and its promise? 

Her talk with Barry Ritholtz was a good reminder of the subjective nature of value. Because people differ and times change is why Alchemy works. 

It's also why JTBD offers a helpful approach. When a provider finds 'what job' the consumer hires for, they can offer a better service. The Mini Cooper and Bentley are statement cars more than the Canotta and the Atlantic SE, two names I just made-up. That’s the point. Sometimes names do a job and provide value. Sometimes they don’t.