❇️ good enough

Effort expended is equal to ‘good enough’.

In a podcast, Rich Barton bemoaned to Barry Ritholtz that his kids are more likely to ask Alexa for a song than use the Sonos app and speaker. Barton said, “they don’t care that the quality is crappy, it’s good enough and it’s easier.”

This has been a theme in music for a long time. The mp3 format evolved because people couldn’t distinguish between higher quality songs. So out went all that extra data.

With smaller file sizes and larger portable players (Happy belated Birthday iPod! 10/23/2001), music became free (thanks Shawn Fanning). It became easy for the consumer to have portability, affordability, and good-enough quality.

(some) Listeners returned to the legal side of things because streaming made it even easier. The cost is low enough (easy to work for), the use is easy enough (on the phone in your hand), and the access is easy enough (thanks to LTE cellular coverage).

What makes ‘good enough’ both cheap and expensive is the subjectivity. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then ‘good enough’ is in the subjectivity of the perceiver. Frame situations well and you can make any choice easy.