🎬 Car chase strategy

Extraction (👍👍) is one of Netflix’s most successful original movies. With ninety-million viewing households (so far), it’s proved just what users wants.

The action movie starred Chris Hemsworth, was filmed in Bangladesh, and was directed by Sam Hargrave. There’s a lot of physical stunts as Hargrave uses his experiences as stuntman (Captain America) as a frame for his directing.

There’s also a chase scene. Usually I hate chase scenes, finding them repetitive. One car chases another car. One car slides around a corner. One car barely misses a bus. One car uses the sidewalk and upends the cabbage cart.

However, the chase scene in Extraction is a 'oner’. It’s a single shot. It’s good.

Some exciting behind the scenes footage from #extraction courtesy of @ropetechhawaii and @t_witte Sometimes you just have to get in there and get er done! @netflixfilm @netflix @chrishemsworth @danielstevens1 @randeephooda
April 27, 2020

The chase scene in Extraction is interesting and insightful. Here’s what director Sam Hargrave told Peter Kafka:

"We weren't the first to do a oner, and not even the best…the reasoning has to be rooted in storytelling. It can't just be, 'hey, let's try this this because it's cool.' The thought process in Extraction was to do the single take to provide a different experience for the audience."

There’s many things an organization could do, but there’s certain things an organization should do.

In the current WFH FTW moment, it makes sense to consider Hargrave’s perspective and ask questions like, are we using Zoom because it’s cool or because it’s rooted in something we need to do?