❇️ adjacent

It’s easier to understand something adjacent.

In his book, Story, writing instructor Robert McKee is unmoving about the importance of genre. Don’t write something avant-garde, McKee begs beginning writers. When someone broaches the borders of genre it’s usually bad.

People understand a genre and good stories still surprise. It’s why, McKee wrote, that Hollywood has always been and always will be a seller’s market for good writers. This ease of understanding can even be seen in the sequels of today.

Adjacency as easy is a theory that Derek Thompson follows too. In his book, Hit Makers, Thompson introduces the idea of Most-Advanced-Yet-Acceptable. It might be easier to remember as the Goldilocks test. Things should be new, but not too new.

The Spotify Discover Weekly playlist only worked once it became a playlist. People were used to being offered new music but not used to it being on a separate tab. Making it a playlist unlocked the potential of this new feature.